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Bye 2019

Zhe • 12/31/2019

In general, last year 2019, and in recent years, I have been continuously learning new knowledge and shaping new perspectives. Here are a few keywords related to my work in 2019.

Digital Transformation

To seek business growth and stay competitive, companies need to undergo digital transformation. In addition to optimizing the internal organizational structure, enterprises continue to work hard to introduce cloud-native technologies to accelerate their business application innovation.

Cloud-native Security

Containerized workloads are designed with microservice architecture and DevOps pipeline, and deployed into a hybrid cloud environment through orchestration tools to provide scalability and high availability. At the same time, the corresponding security boundaries have changed. Traditional security policies and tools cannot well adapt to dynamic and complex cloud environments. So the cloud-native security policies and tools are needed to protect containerized workloads and key operations on DevOps pipelines. Shift Left strategy and DevSecOps as a whole.

Customer success & Alliances

To impress enterprise customer decision makers to first understand their industry and trends. From there, customer demand analysis and industry practices, we will give the solutions and products that are most suitable for customers. More business scenarios and solutions are grafted on our own platform products, so expanding and establishing strategic partnerships, joint solutions and business development are very important for our B2B company.


Above are a few selected personal keywords which do not involve sensitive company information, without many details. In addition, as part of the team, together with the team to become a professional and agile team that customers can trust; personally I continue growing to become a professional and trusted advisor.

Hi 2020. 👋